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Current Mental

Mental Matters at Georgia State University

Morgan Daniels

The JOYday Movement was graced to have been able to speak with the students of Georgia State University this past Wednesday. Having these candid conversations about our mental health are necessary. We were able to heal together as we spoke about our "Mental Matters."

We had a lot of deep conversations about letting go, relationships, toxicity, and much more.

However, one thing that I kept with me was when someone said, "We can not burn bridges because we do not know if one day we should cross them once more." This is very true in life. Never let any situation get you out of character because you never know what the future may hold.

In closing, thank you HerCampus GSU and India Kelly for hosting us.

Attached are some photos from this fabulous event:

Mental Health Discussion at Emory University

Morgan Daniels

The JOYday Movement was able to speak to the students of Emory University yesterday. Being an African-American in a PWI (Predominately White Institution) can be tough, however, with the help of Jalyn Radziminski we were able to create a safe space for the students of color.

We called the event "healing the heart." During this time, we were able to share our mental health stories in a safe place. Something that we believe that we should do more often.

Someone said that they just wanted to, "reunite with [them]selves."

Attached are some photos from the event & thank you all coming out: