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News and Culture

Why Rue's Character on 'Euphoria' is Important

Morgan Brittani

Everyone is talking about Rue from Euphoria after last week’s episode. And we are ready for tonight’s season finale.

Photo via HBO

Photo via HBO


This whole season, we have been on a rollercoaster as we’ve experienced the ups and downs of Rue. A high schooler and newly clean drug addict. Euphoria has shown us a little bit of Rue’s life before drugs but we are still getting to know her episode by episode.

We see Rue struggling but clinging onto her friendship with Jules to cope with her new drug free life. However, in episode 7 when Jules went to visit her friends from her old town Rue was sent into a depressive state. Rue knowing that Jules was sad due to something that Nate had done sent her to a space where she watched a British Reality Show and layed in bed all day long.

Photo via HBO

Photo via HBO

In episode 7, we also find out that Rue suffered from Depression way before the drugs and was on medication to help treat her condition. Which makes sense. Several drug addicts use their drugs as a way to cope with their mental health condition. Noticing that when they are on drugs they are less likely to feel the highs and lows of depression.

Which is something Rue discusses in her narration of this episode when she ends up saying:

“You know the thing about depression is— it kinda collapses time. Suddenly, you find your whole days blending together to create one endless suffocating loop. You try to remember the things that make you happy but slowly your brain starts to erase everything that ever brought you joy.”

After last week’s episode, I have a better understanding of not only Rue but Depression. I felt heard through the visuals shown and thankful for Zendaya being able to show us what depression can look and feel like.

Overall, I am excited to see what Rue will do in episode 8.