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5 Tips for Productivity Despite Anxiety + Depression

Jalyn Harden

There’s a couple times a year where the symptoms sneak in and it becomes possible to succumb to Dirty Diana, or depression. Over the years, the time and seasons have changed; but most times the feelings of hopelessness, negative thoughts, irritability, and fatigue remain the same. We may try continue to carry out professional and academic duties; sometimes, not even to the best of our ability. After we’re done putting on our different hats for the world, we come home and give up on ourselves and the people + things we love most.


There's also been days where we wake up with so much on our plates, that going back to bed would be the ideal option. However, as young professionals, most days, we cannot afford to call out + we must show up. On the days that you have to put on + you begin to notice your mental isn't quite right, try being proactive + positive about how you get through all the planned (and unplanned!) madness for the week. Here are 5 tips to consider to get you through. 

Take it one day at a time.

It’s ideal to take a look at your calendar + be mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for every task and appointment you have to get done. In the real world, where humans exist, life is not always this simple + it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Know what you have planned for the day; break it down by each task, appointment, or meeting; and focus on it until it ends. (Because, it will end.)

Take 10 deep breaths

Deep breathing is a practice that I started during my yoga journey. Since then, I began practicing it at any point in the day when you feel overwhelmed, sad, irritable, etc. Try taking 10 deep breaths before you start what’s on your agenda for the day or before each task.

Pick up pen and paper

I truly love journaling and will forever consider myself a journal connoisseur. No matter what you’re going through, feel free to write (or type) in a private space. Whether it’s an affirmation, something you read on a blog, heard in a podcast, or 3 pages worth of mess; it’s all a form of expression. Journaling helps during these times because, you can be authentic with your own thoughts, vibes, and emotions on situations you’re going thru when you’re busy or picking up the phone won’t suffice.


Self-care can enhance your life in all aspects. Once you begin to feed your own needs, you'll be able to give more into the lives of others. Planning at least 1 mini self-care activity for that crazy day and/or busy week. Here’s a list of self-care activities you can consider.

Talk with your support system

The best thing to do, which I’m still struggling with, is calling on the people who always show up for you. Support, if you’re blessed enough to have it, can be huge relief. Sometimes we can use a mid day pep talk/text. Let these people know how they can be there for you + vice versa. You may find that this can positively shape your interactions in the future. 

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Until next time,

Jalyn Tai