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The Importance of a Summer Cleanse


The Importance of a Summer Cleanse

Sydney Wingate

Photo by Time Magazine

Photo by Time Magazine

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. - Ecclesiastes 3:1

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know how well this resonates with the season and stage of life I am currently in. 

Just like its counterparts, summer has a great way of bringing about open doors, more traveling opportunities, new fashion trends and much more. From graduating, to advancing into a new job position or even moving across the country, this summer has proven to me just how much change can happen in your life and the lives of others in a matter of weeks to months. 

However, when it comes to change we tend to place emphasis on whats to come without recognizing the loss the accompanies it. As the saying goes, "everyone can't go with you" and this still remains. Truth is, change means that you will have to eventually shed those draining relationships, let go of that piece of clothing you always claim to wear one day and ultimately gain the courage to go for your dreams after all.

It can be scary, it can be discouraging but how do you know if you can fly if you never try? 

Today, I want to share with you five ways that can help you cleanse your life throughout the rest of the summer while you simultaneously take charge of your life. 

First, be mindful of your mind. Taking control of your thoughts can be hard but I cannot stress how imperative it is in terms of your mental health. What you allow to influence your mood and impact your energy can shape so many of your actions and experiences, so be strategic. One way I coped with this was through social media. We all known the devastating toll social media can have on mental health, so I quickly change whose presence I allowed onto my feed. With that came some hefty unfollowing (which I replaced with inspirational influencers, boutiques and overall "feel good" accounts) and I even went as far as deleting applications off my phone. 

Photo by iStock

Photo by iStock

After doing so, I saw an immediate change in my mood, productivity, interests and ultimately gained time back to focus on my actual in-person relationships, long-term goals and so much more.

Next, cleanse your soul.

Once I let go of toxic people, situations and influences, I began to find other ways to refuel my spirit. There's one of two ways you can start to do so:

1. Music 🎶

2. Get into the real WORD.

Before I noticed it for myself, my parents were actually the ones to reference how music has a great affect on my mood. Once I heard that, I started to see the truth in it. So, instead of turning on my local hip-hop station 24/7 or constantly listening to sappy R&B, I began to give a listening ear to more Christian and gospel-based music. Not to say this will work for everybody or that you have to go all spiritual, but try listening to something more uplifting for 24 hours straight and see what changes come to you. My church's CD has been on constant repeat in my car since its release in mid-March and I have seen significant change in my mood since I have added this into my everyday routine. Give it a listen here and feel free to comment your thoughts below!

Secondly, if you find yourself to be lacking spiritually or with a desire to develop a relationship with Christ, doing a devotional or reading plan will absolutely help you to start your day off on the right foot. A simple Google or Pinterest search will lead you to the one thats perfect for what you're needing in this season. This is the one that I am currently using! 

Photo by iStock

Photo by iStock

Lastly, because I don't want to make this post too long, you can even do some practical cleansing through three options.

1. Closet: We all have that item that we'll wear "one day" and before we know it, three years have passed and it still has the tag on it. With other things in life, its best to LET IT GO. Clean out all of those items that are taking up space and treat yourself once a month to a few new pieces of clothing. While also doing that, you can help out your local Salvation Army or Goodwill by donating your items for a greater cause. 

2. Work out: Okay, it might be too late to get that "summer body" you were claiming back in January as a New Years Resolution but its never to late to live a healthier lifestyle. Stop dreaming the pounds, cellulite or fat away and start doing something about it. Whether you look up at-home workouts, get a membership to a gym or make changes to your diet, you have to "trust the magic of new beginnings."

3. Journaling: Decluttering your mind as I stated is an essential part to self-care and the state of your mental health, so head to your local Target, TJ Maxx or Walmart, grad a journal and let it all out. Your handwriting doesn't have to be the prettiest and you don't have to share it with anyone but writing down your thoughts, your wishes, your dreams, your sorrows and more will allow for you to end your days with a clear heart and mind and these pages filled with your deepest emotions can eventually be used a reference book to show you just how far you've come when you reread it in the future.