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Let It Go

Morgan Daniels

Photo by Morgan Daniels

Photo by Morgan Daniels

Written by Quinci

What is holding you captive? Emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even physically?

For a lot of us, we hold onto habits and people that aren't healthy for us. We hold on out of fear, comfort, and that taunting "what if?


How amazing would it be to just say no?

Freeing yourself of the attachment of that person you know isn't good for you. Letting go of past mental trauma and pain that can your growth, releasing all negative and toxic energy that stops your spirit from healing, then blooming into your full potential.


I, personally, have experienced not being able to let go of an unhealthy situation. A lot of times I feel as if people really just hold onto people who do not serve a greater good because of memories, comfort, attachment, or the what could be.


“What if they realize my potential?”

"What if they came back around?"


Honestly, within the last three to four weeks I've realized that if you constantly have to make excuses for why something isn't working, solely relying on the "what if's", or potential it's time to...

LET IT GO. Again, let it go!

Do it when you're genuinely ready and completely ready to grow. Forcing yourself will only make the task more daunting and harder to really let go, trust me.


Get closure for yourself.

If needed, talk that person. If it's not possible to actually contact them, write them a letter and then burn it.


Delete any pictures, messages, or any memories. Even though that's the hard part.

If it's something you're battling on a spiritual level, purge.

Release your negative energy, face your demons, cry it out, and release whatever is holding you captive. Find time to meditate or a place to clear your mind and hear your own thoughts. There are also a lot of spiritual rituals you can do to help balance out your soul and boost your positive energy.


If it's physical, find something that makes you feel refreshed but mostly importantly, healthy.

Ex: Work out, go on a walk, or listen to music that just makes you feel free and happy! Just do anything that helps you, there's no set formula.

With the end of the year near, it would be awesome for everyone to be able to go into the new year baggage free, healthy, happy and ready to grow.


If you have any suggestions on how to let go and serve your highest self let us know!