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Mental Wellness



Dear Krissy

Jasmine Reid

Photo by Jasmine Reid

Photo by Jasmine Reid

Written by Jasmine Reid


Kristyna Graham


1. Pulchritudinous Celestial Being

2. Breathtaking Angel



Dear Krissy,

Although, it feels like it was just yesterday, It’s been almost 8 years now since the day you passed away. I never will forget the day that our high school principal gave us the devastating new over the morning announcements.

When I heard your name I couldn’t even describe the painful feeling that I felt. I never experienced losing someone who I loved and cared so much about. The hardest part for me was watching them bury your casket into the ground because before that moment it felt like a dream. Coping with the loss of a close friend due to suicide is never easy especially when you never got a chance to say goodbye.

One of the main reason why loosing you to suicide is so hard is because you blame yourself. For years I asked myself how did I not know? Or what should I have done differently to prevent you from making this decision? These are the questions that I had to accept the fact that I will never truly receive the answers too. But overall the memories you and I shared together helped me deal with the pain of loosing you.

I never will forget the first day we met in Mrs. Weber’s in the 6th grade. For four years you and I have shared a lot of laughs, tears of joy, and O.M.G moments that I will never forget. My love for you will never die now matter how many years go by you will always have a special place in my heart. See not too many people are lucky enough to have a beautiful guardian angel like you to watch over them. I hope I have fulfilled my promise to make you proud. 

Krissy I miss you and your whimsical laugh so very much but I know you are in heaven smiling down my beautiful angel.

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Dedicated to Kristyna Graham.

August 5, 1995-November 29, 2009.