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The Christmas Gifts

Morgan Daniels

Photography from GIPHY

Photography from GIPHY

I haven't written in a really long time (which will change in the new year) but I decided to share with you all this piece I wrote a while ago entitled, the christmas gifts. Enjoy. - Morgan Brittani

It’s almost Christmas Eve. That being said it is time for me to take a step back and reflect.. In light of this Christmas season, I am going to share the three Christmas Gifts in which God has given me after much prayer. These being love, joy, and peace. I guess I’ll start with love.


Love is something that we all grow up wanting to encounter. Disney princesses made me feel as if love was something that could only be given by a kiss or a prince. However, I have realized over the years that love is more than a physical attraction between two people. Love is a gift, a gift that God has bestowed upon the people of this world.

The gift of love is such a beautiful thing and can help someone out of their deepest pains. This year has been a complete game changer for me. Right after I truly started to entirely believe in my God without a doubt he tested my faith. This test did not come in the form I had imagined. The light that surrounding me soon became too dim to rely on. The love given by my loved ones restored not only my physical, mental, and emotional well-being but made me in fact a stronger Morgan. Agape Love. That is the first gift that God has given me. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many people who love and want the best for me.


I used to get so down. Down for reasons I could not even begin to explain. I wouldn'tbe able to eat, sleep, sometimes, and I didn't understand why. I did not know exactly why my heart was filled with this hole. I would cry out to God to please fix it, fix me. I wanted to have my heart filled with nothing but love once again. I prayed… On January 31, 2013, I was in the car with my best friend going to the Watch Night Service. We were listening to Christian music on the way there preparing our hearts for what was to come. Then, “I want it back,” by Tye Tribbett began to play. I had never heard this song but it was truly speaking to me. The words to that song unexplainably captured my soul. Then, my friend said “Say you want your joy back,” my spirit shook.

It was so ironic because I did not know what it was necessarily that was missing from my life. God had revealed it to me through her, it was such a beautiful experience. Later that night, it was prayer time. I went up to receive prayer and that night I was told, “God is going to restore you of your joy…” I can now report to you that I have never been more joyful in my entire life. I know that there will be more test and I will have some bad days.

JOY last longer than happiness. Happiness is a feeling, a feeling that can go away as fast or faster than it came. JOY is everlasting. The fact that God has blessed me with such an amazing gift is overwhelming. For this I have prayed. I want to share my joy with all of those that I ever encounter. I pray that I can touch as many as possible to spread the joy that God has given me.


After all of my trials, God has given me peace. I am able to trust him no matter the circumstance. This peace has allowed me to carry myself in a different way than ever before. Peace may be the last of the three gifts in which God has given me. However, this sense of peace has changed my life and has allowed me to further live without the fears that tomorrow may bring.

Photograph from GIPHY

Photograph from GIPHY

Merry Christmas y'all. I hope your Christmas is filled with lots of love, joy and peace. Enjoy this time!

with joy,

Morgan Brittani