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Meet Kiyla

Mental Health Stories

Meet Kiyla

Morgan Daniels

What brings you JOY?

When the blessings and grace that God pours into me overflows and pours into others.

Kiyla's Mental Health Story:

"A lot of people don't understand why Frank Ocean hasn't dropped his album. He's talented and we're in dire need of his gift. It wasn't until I cried one morning that I truly got it.

Just like Boys, I cry. I was your typical type-A kid the honor student, the editor-in-chief, director of this, coordinator of that, head of this organization, vice president, founder, drama club, belly dancing, cheerleading, student government, etc. I did it all and them some.

Within two weeks of walking onto my college campus, I had already gotten a reputation after printing out a two page resumé and running against three boys for class president, I was a force to be reckoned with. I had friends, I had positions, I was in college on a full-ride scholarship.

"There was no reason to ever be upset or stressed or anxious or depressed..." That's what I told myself each and every time I didn't feel quite my best. Even when the overwhelming stress lead to me becoming physically sick, I told myself that everything would be okay and this was all just a small thing. How could the "it Girl" have anxiety?

My parents told me to pray and learn to deal with the stress. After a while, they became frustrated and I became resentful. Why couldn't I be normal? I soon began to understand why this was a part of my story and why the Lord had given me this particular story. It was apart of my purpose, to share my story with the world, because it needed to be told. It wasn't until I completely broke the glass of the stigma that haunted me, that I began to heal.

That fateful morning I cried and cried until I felt as if I couldn't breathe and I still wondered, why was the world still requesting for me to be a superhero when I have to save myself?

The same reason why we constantly beg for Frank's album. Always remember, it's a bad religion, to sacrifice your joy for the satisfaction of others, Be a Pilot Jones and take control of your life over anything that plagues you. You deserve joy. Make them serve it to you.

Four hours after I wrote this, he finally dropped the album, I think it's time I begin to share my gift."