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Mental Health Stories

Meet Corey

Morgan Daniels


What brings you JOY?


Corey's Mental Health Story:

"I have this issue where I would rather work excessively than express how I'm feeling. I've always felt that if I shared what was truly going on in my head then people would use that as a way of counting me out or creating reasons as to why I should not be working. With that, I keep my emotions to myself and continue pushing until I get the job done. I've found that this has done nothing but cause me depression, anxiety, and battles with self-confidence.

As a kid, I felt like I had to be overtly strong in regards to work ethic because I didn't play sports like every other kid. I always felt like proving myself to others was more important than anything. Today, I understand that everyone won't understand you, accept you, or love you for what you have to offer. People will judge every piece of you as a means of finding a flaw and making themselves feel better. So today, I work hard, I give my all to whatever I'm doing, and most importantly I've found the joy I needed to keep myself going.

Today, I have more peace than I thought I could ever find and I'm grateful to God for it. All of that to say, depression is a real thing and if you aren't mentally healthy, you're hurting the world more than you're healing it."