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Meet Ashanti

Mental Health Stories

Meet Ashanti

Morgan Daniels

What brings you JOY?

Helping others brings me joy. I also enjoy my family and time with my friends. Joy is something I work at everyday, and I'm constantly finding ways to joyfully grow through life.

Ashanti's Mental Health Story:

"I have dealt with depression since I was a young child. It wasn't until I got to college and went into a severe depressive state that I actually recognized myself as someone who dealt with a mental illness. My depression got so bad during my junior in college that I couldn't function in normal environments. I didn't leave my room, not just because I was depressed and didn't have the energy, but because I couldn't have a normal conversation with anyone without crying or breaking down.

This was probably one of the lowest points in my life, but it was also a point where I was ready to accept healing into my life. I began to see a psychiatrist who diagnosed me with severe depression and an anxiety disorder. She begged me to take medicine for the illness, as she was very worried for me. I had read about the medicines and decided that I didn't want dependency on drugs to be my story. I researched natural ways to cure depression, and truly got back to my roots. I began to do things that brought me joy regularly, and I learned ways to self-heal and find my own peace. I still struggle some days, as we all do, but 2 years later, I have finally reached a pinnacle of happiness with my life.

I hope my story shows anyone dealing with depression that you can and will make it through. Love and light, Ashanti"