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Mental Health Stories

Meet Jermaine

Morgan Daniels

Photo by Jermaine Tolbert

Photo by Jermaine Tolbert

What brings you joy?

Educating myself & working towards lofty goals. And of course achieving those goals.

What word of advice you would give someone that is currently struggling with their mental health?

I would tell them to remove distractions. The senseless stemuli that we entertain. Id advise them to put only the healthiest of things into their psyche (like food).

What does breaking the stigma look like to you?

It looks like offering an outlet to care. To love on someone else with no regard to any limiting beliefs. It looks like offering book and seminar suggestions that keep the focus where it should be.

What helps get you through difficult times?

When I was going through my struggles with schizophrenia and depression, I stopped everything that I was involved in to see myself. I secluded myself and got into prayer, books, and finding the triggers that seemingly had me bound. Most of the time we just need a change in mind & routine to overcome. That's where the books & prayer comes in at.