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Meet Fatou

Mental Health Stories

Meet Fatou

Morgan Daniels

Photography by Fatou

Photography by Fatou

Fatou's Mental Health Story:

"I think at one point or another, everyone feels not okay. For a large component of my teenage years (transitioning into adulthood), not feeling okay was a constant feeling that followed me. Seemingly having it together + feeling like you’re dangerously close to falling apart at the seams is not a fun place to be at all.

Try as I might I couldn’t open myself up to expressing what I was feeling, not understanding that part of overcoming when you’re suffocating in darkness is by bringing the dark to light. What helped me tackle my “mental health” problems head on was taking the leap and standing on a island of vulnerability with people that could stand in the gap for me. Being able to find the courage to stand up and express:

“Hey. There are demons that I fight in private, things that make me feel like less of a person, things that keep me from moving forward” opened the door for me to understand and address the things that were manifesting internally. Understanding that these things in fact did not make me less of a person, that everyone had “stuff” irregardless of what was portrayed helped me feel less ashamed of not having it together and finding peace in chaos."