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Mental Health Stories

Meet Rosalyn

Morgan Daniels

Photo by Rosalyn Billingsley

Photo by Rosalyn Billingsley

What brings you JOY?


Rosalyn's Mental Health Story:

"Having joy means everything in the world to me. Without joy life is dull: colorless, simplistic, boring. But I haven't always felt this way and I haven't always had joy. It wasn't until I realized that having joy is a decision, that I had it in my life everyday. I was tired of letting every circumstance, every heated conversation (why were there so many) sway my outlook on life. some days I was happy, some days I was sad, some days I was depressed and some days I was unstoppable. Can you imagine how draining that is for one's mental health? happiness can easily be snatched away but joy is as solid as a rock, if you make the decision. once I made the decision, I never looked back. every day isn't easy but it's something worth fighting for. I get JOY from spending time with God, being surrounded by creative people, and serving my purpose. On my off days I always remember how hard I fought to get my joy back. Sometimes it's okay not to be okay, but never give up the fight & never back track."