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Mental Health Stories

Meet Lilly

Morgan Daniels

Photo by Lilly Mittenthal

Photo by Lilly Mittenthal

"Since the day I could remember I had dealt with major mood swings and started to get pretty bad depression in high school. I spent most of my days stress eating, and sleeping because I just couldn't deal. I went to therapist after therapist and psychologist after psychologist looking for an exact diagnosis and the perfect medication. Suddenly it hit me, they may not have all been diagnosing me with one thing but they were giving me the tools to deal with the emotions I couldn't control. I stopped trying to figure out what was wrong with me and started to focus on my everyday journey. Keep your mind and heart open and it really does wonders!

Wrigley is an Emotional Support animal, a dog who is trained to basically be a therapy dog for you! I totally forgot to add that but he has helped me enjoy and live in the moment as well!"