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"Bringing Mental Health Awareness as we help you find the JOY in your each and every DAY."

The JOYday Movement was created to help bring awareness to mental health issues. We believe that the only way to change the way mental health is perceived is to talk about it. Your mental health as well as your mental illness is not a liability. The JOYday Movement is here to change the narrative.

We are creating a safe space for people to share their stories and find their JOY throughout their journey. We believe that choosing joy is choosing to know that no matter what may happen life, you will be okay.

Happiness is an emotion which can be replaced by sadness but joy is something that can not be replaced.


Starting on Twitter with weekly Twitter chats we are breaking barriers as we talk about our mental health. We chat on Twitter every other Tuesday night at 8:30 pm EST using the hashtag #JOYdayMovement to have our chats. If interested in getting involved with the JOYday Movement please email us here.